Frequently Asked Questions

+ Are your products vegan?


+ Are your products cruelty free?


+ Are your products fragrance free?

Yes. There are lots of opinions on the use of essential oils during and after pregnancy. Highly concentrated, strong smelling substances can be upsetting to mom or baby during the first few months after birth. Ebi believes it’s extremely important not to interfere with the natural smells that are so crucial to proper biological functioning in the first weeks after birth. A baby recognizes his mother’s scent, including the smell of her milk. Similarly, mothers use their sense of smell to detect when something might be wrong with baby (e.g. yeast infections, digestive issues, etc).

+ Is Ebi eco-friendly? Is your packaging zero waste?

Every element of our packaging and shipping is recyclable. We source our packaging from an eco-friendly supplier, the bag your Ebi kit is sent in is made of ethically sourced cotton, and Ebi only sources organic ingredients, the bulk of which come from small family operated farms in the Northeast.

+ What does organic mean to Ebi?

We only use whole organic plants that are completely raw and unrefined. They are sourced from suppliers that meet our standards for growing and processing, and practice sustainable farming methods.

+ Do you have a re-use program?

Ebi doesn’t currently have a re-use program for our bottles but encourage our customers to recycle or up-cyce their Ebi bottles for other uses.

+ Does The Tisane support healthy milk production?

The ingredients included in our Tisane have been scientifically shown to help support healthy milk production. For more information please see  Our Process . *

+ Are Ebi products safe for breastfeeding?

Yes. However, Ebi can’t guarantee that every individual will respond to Ebi products in a similar manner. If you have concerns, please speak with your physician, local herbalist, or other health practitioner about the use of Ebi products. *

+ Do you ship internationally?

Not at this time

+ Why don’t you sell your products separately?

Ebi kits are just that. Kits. The products work in tandem to help you feel your best as a new mother. We provided 3 different sizes to allow customers to make their own choice about how Ebi products will best complement their lifestyles.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.