About Ebi


Ebi is rooted in the postpartum traditions of catering to the needs of new mothers by encouraging and supporting their well-being with high quality, nourishing, and effective care. We support healthy postpartum experiences for mothers by making self-care during the postpartum period approachable and safe. 

Ebi believes in the power of empathy. This intention underlies every step of our process, from production to shipping. Our line of products is plant-based. Ebi only sources organic ingredients.The bulk of our ingredients come from small family farms in the Northeast. The chamomile flowers in our tea are grown in Vermont, the sea salt in our bath is harvested in Martha’s Vineyard just off the coast of Massachusetts. Our wellness products are made by hand in our studio in Boston. Our organic cotton underwear and nipple pads are made in New York, with cotton grown in America. We are aware that our decisions as a business have implications far beyond us, and are dedicated to making decisions that are beneficial to the greatest number possible.

Ebi is about unity. The way we show up for ourselves is how we show up for others. Ebi’s mission is to encourage new mothers to make space to care for themselves during the postpartum period. To provide balance in the name of fostering true connection. The connection between mother and child, mother and community, and communities with the broader society.  We are committed to advocating for all mothers before, during, and after pregnancy. We hope to bring more awareness to the individuals and organizations working for the betterment of all mothers and engendering conversations about the current state of motherhood in America.



Ebi’s Founder


Ebi is the Yoruba word for family. It encapsulates Ebi’s commitment to the formation of healthy families by supporting mothers from the very beginning. Becoming a mother opened my awareness to the meaning of true self care. Never before in my life had it been more important to make space for my needs, because for the first time someone else’s well-being was linked to my own. Ebi is just that. Space. Pause. An invitation to allow you to get to know and feel at home in your new body.


We support healthy postpartum experiences for all.